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Organic Tourist Farm Ramšak - Podolševa (Solčava)

In August 2002, we opened the doors of our homestead to those of you who want to get to know more about life and work in this unspoilt corner of our country. With a genuine relationship to nature and the homeliness of living under our roof, we want to take you away for a while from the stressful everyday life you come from!

Our farm is situated at an altitude of 750m. It is 1. 3 km from the village of Solčava, which is the centre of the Solčavsko region. The farm is located right next to a panoramic road. Here you will feel at home and always welcome. We full our day with work (forestry, livestock farming, dairy farming, gardening, mowing in the summer months, etc. ). Our domestic animals bring us also a lot of work and joy; dog, cows, calves, chickens.

In addition to accommodation, we also offer food!

The culinary offer of our farm is varied and organic. It is based on traditional dishes and caters for all tastes. We will also be happy to prepare vegetarian menus.

The farm has been under organic control since 1999 and has been certified as an organic farm. We use the European organic food label.

Ramšak's offer

Organic milk
Honey cereal bars
Picnic in nature

for 4 persons (+1 extra bed)

Room in the house

for 2 persons