Organic milk

For breakfast, dinner, brunch or tasting. . .

We love to serve you dairy products from our farm!

We can't imagine Ramšak Farm without our hard-working cows.

Milking, feeding, cleaning, pasture preparation. . . a lot of care and work, but our efforts and love for the animals are always rewarded - even with milk.

Milk - so simple, yet so many delicious things can be made from it.

In our newly renovated cheese shop, we prepare fresh products daily for you to taste and buy.

The dairy products are made from organic, hay-cured cow's milk.

We prepare, we offer:

  • organic milk
  • semi-hard cheese
  • soft cheese with additives (walnut, paprika, chilli, olives, chives and more)
  • yoghurt (plain, Greek, fruit)
  • cream
  • curd
  • kefir
  • cooked and raw butter
  • "sirnek", an indispensable traditional speciality of Solčava

New in the offer: "štruklji" to go!