In addition to accommodation, breakfast, dinner, snacks and dairy tastings for small groups are available by prior arrangement.

Our culinary offer is varied, ORGANIC, traditional!

Carefully, lovingly selected and prepared food, without artificial additives, evokes the taste of home. All meat, dairy, fruit and vegetable components served are freshly prepared.

And for the icing on the cake, we like to add spices from our high garden.

We always give preference to local, organic suppliers when buying ingredients that our farm cannot provide!

The menu also includes a Solčava speciality. Who doesn't know about pear "žlinkrofi", "štruklji", "masovník" or "Savinja želodec" - this is where the love of tradition begins.

You are also welcome to visit our new milk processing plant, where dairy products are prepared daily. You can buy all the homemade delicacies in our small shop.

Food is a great blessing - we are well aware of that. We take care to reduce food waste when preparing meals - "zero waste".

Seating capacity - catering area: 15 seats

Ostale vsebine
Organic milk
Honey cereal bars
Picnic in nature